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From Financial representative to financial advisors

At Lakeshore Financial, our team is made up of two types of professionals: Financial Representatives and Financial Advisors. Now, you might be wondering, what's the difference between the two?

Well, here's the deal: Financial Representatives are the starting point for those new to our industry. They play a crucial role in our team and work hard to serve our clients. On the other hand, Financial Advisors take it a step further. They have additional licenses that give them access to a broader range of tools, like investments, to help our clients even more.

So, when someone joins our team and is just getting started, they begin as Financial Representatives. But that's just the beginning of an exciting journey. As they gain experience and expertise, they work towards obtaining the licenses and certifications needed to become a respected Financial Advisor. It's all about growing together and building a successful career in the financial world!

What do lakeshore advisors do?

At Lakeshore Financial, our Financial Representatives and Financial Advisors take great pride in nurturing strong and meaningful connections with a diverse range of individuals. We work with small business owners, teachers, entrepreneurs, families and everyone in between.  Our services are designed to cater to specific needs, offering comprehensive financial strategies or focusing on particular areas that require attention. These areas include Retirement Income Strategies, Estate Planning Strategies, Tax Planning Strategies, Risk Management, Comprehensive Strategies, Portfolio Management, Stock Option Planning, Business Owner Strategies, etc. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a unique and all-encompassing approach to evaluating and developing financial wellness strategies tailored to each individual's circumstances. We genuinely care about our clients' well-being and want them to experience our dedicated and holistic method.

To ensure the highest quality of guidance, our team follows a comprehensive process. By leveraging this approach, we strive to deliver exceptional results and empower our clients to achieve their financial goals with confidence. At Lakeshore Financial, we're all about building lasting partnerships and delivering top-notch financial solutions with a strong foundation for a brighter, more secure future.

What we offer

  • Transitional financing available for qualified individuals
  • Exceptional pension plan
  • Group life and disability income insurance
  • Recognition and award programs including trips to desirable worldwide destinations
  • Unlimited income potential with some of the most competitive payouts in the industry
  • Tuition reimbursement program for professional designations and continuing education
  • Those who meet and exceed set goals have been rewarded with yearly national and international training trips.
Why Join Lakeshore

Why Join Lakeshore?

Impactful Reach
We're growing every year, expanding our support to countless individuals and families.
Client-Centric Approach
Tailored financial solutions for our valued clients' success.
Empowering Futures
Invested in our team's growth and development.
Giving Back
Active in supporting Chicagoland non-profits and organizations.
Inclusivity and Diversity
Embracing diverse perspectives, driving innovation.
Collaborative Spirit
Teamwork fosters success and recognition.

At Lakeshore Financial, we're dedicated to empowering lives and making a difference. With offices in Chicago, Peoria, Roselle, Oakbrook, and 7 affiliate locations, we serve the Midwest region with excellence.

Join Lakeshore Financial for a fulfilling career where together we can shape futures and create positive change in our communities.

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