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Client Centered

Choosing the right person to handle your money can be stressful. Lots of questions and lots of doubt can creep in. Do they know what they are doing? Can I trust them? I never feel like I know enough. Will they really listen? Are they just trying to make a commission? Emotions can be high and it can be hard to ask the right questions. We don’t want you to rush. We want you to ask the hard questions. We want you to be picky. And we want this to be a good fit for both of us. We will meet with you multiple times to make sure we can match our services with your needs.

First we will take you through a discovery where we will determine those needs then we get a history lesson on what has worked for you and just as importantly what hasn’t worked for you. We want to understand not only your financial history, but we want life goals and setbacks. The things that keep you up at night and the things that help you jump out of bed. We know people change advisors because they don’t trust them or feel they aren’t making enough money or they aren’t being heard. We are conscious of these obstacles and we hope to prove ourselves a trusted partner, with as many meetings as it takes.  We enjoy asking the right questions and understanding what about money is important to you: lifestyle, knowing your family is protected, leaving a legacy… these are just a few principles that have come up from past clients.

Our clients sometimes come to us feeling frustrated or angry or even worse, apathetic. We know these discussions can be tough, but after we have gone through your history we are able to start doing some deeper analysis and design a portfolio to match your needs. And hopefully giving our clients some fresh air.

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